087: Stopped Short

Lacking quarters and crucial bits of information about rural New Hampshire, a city girl ventures north via Amtrak in the era before cell phones. Today's storyteller regaled our live audience with this tale at the July 2015 show, "On the Road."

About the Storyteller
Tatiana Uschakow is from New York, walks everywhere, and is still much more equipped to deal with sewer alligators and subway rats than the beautiful California wildlife.

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086 - Depends What You're Wearing

A fortuitous concert and an inconvenient illness led a man and some diapers to live nappily ever after. This story was told live at our April 2015 show, "Smoke & Mirrors."

About the Storyteller

Lance Eason grew up in Redwood City, which is about 30 miles geographically and 100 light years philosophically from his current and true spiritual home of San Francisco.

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084 - It Takes a Thief to Catch a Fairy

Santa Claus brings presents. The Easter Bunny hides eggs. The Tooth Fairy steals big wheels, right? Danny Nolan recounted the Tooth Fairy’s dark side in this story told live at our April 2015 show, "Smoke and Mirrors."

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