060 - Don't Judge A Gift By Its Wrapping

Middle school love. Need we say more? Our story’s hero plans a romantic beachside brunch to avoid conversation only to find his lips otherwise sealed. This story of a kiss inspired by the funny pages comes from our February 2014 show, "Exes and Ohhhhs."

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059 - A Fine Bromance

Flirting via text with objects of his affection, dancing the nights away in a pink shirt, writing gendered critiques of the welfare state, this storyteller made the most of his year abroad in England ... or did he?

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058 - Cherry Garcia vs Wavy Gravy

A Berkeley girl goes to Camp Winnarainbow to develop her appreciation for sleepovers and circus arts only to find herself at odds with her gloomy camp counselor. Even an appreciation for Cherry Garcia ice cream gets her nowhere.

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